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Knowlton Walsh : Causam Music, Volume Productions, Sex Cult, Providence, RI, USA

Knowlton Walsh has been known for his house and techno oriented styles of dance music on the east coast for quite some time now. After a ride on the bloghouse wave, Knowlton has returned to the style that gave him his start, making quality underground music, which often fuses elements of techno, progressive, jacking house, and trance.


Combining melodies with hard driving kicks and chunky basslines, his production and live sets have an original sound and an infectious groove. Knowlton has been able to incorporate his experience and influence from a wide number of sources. After first learning piano at a young age, he added more instruments to his repertoire through college, playing in hardcore bands before electronic music became his focus. Production and DJing allowed Knowlton to create music without being overly dependant on multiple musicians on a regular basis; and his knowledge of music theory and ability to

play several instruments was a solid precursor to this new endeavor.


While he is adept at the technical aspects of DAWs, and VSTs, Knowlton’s approach to production tends to stray from the typical ‘building’ style of other producers, particularly in regards to aforementioned melodies and overall arrangement. Knowlton has to feel a connection to the music, and while 4x4 is the song structure, he doesn’t limit himself to a particular ‘template’ when he feels inspired. Striving to create original, raw, vibey tech tracks, he is inspired by the past, but isn’t trying to recreate it, avoiding the urge to simply recast a classic as his own. His releases span the labels of NOSI music, System Recordings, Columns of Knowledge Recordings, Peak Hour Music, Sex Cult Records, The Seed Underground, and now, Causam Music.

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